Fruit is Good for You… | July 6, 2010

This weekend just passed was a great one for playing games, which left me feeling guilty that I hadn’t done enough work making games. I really hate the way my brain is wired. Anyway, amongst the games played was Finca, which is a game all about fruit. That sounds ridiculous, I know, but it’s awesome.

Take fruit to market in the fantastic Finca...

I first played it earlier this year at a board gaming day hosted by my friend Pete Freer. Me and Rach turned up quite late, with no time to play any of the epics that were available. Which is just as well, because I don’t have the brain for such things. Finca was (and is) still pretty new but the owner of a copy (I think he was the owner, he’d certainly crunched the rules) taught four of us what to do, and while the three boys in the game got locked into several rounds of stopping each other from taking fruit to market, Rach quietly blew us all out of the water.

Pete bought his own copy of Finca the following week.

Pete also owns a lot of games, too many to have in his house, in fact. So, when he brought Finca round the other night, along with loads of other games we didn’t get around to playing, he decided to leave it behind. Three times me and Rach have played it since, and three times Rach has beaten me. It would appear that her first outing with the game was no fluke.

I think I’m going to have to pump her full of ether to actually stand a chance of success.


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