World Cup | July 13, 2010

Every four yeas I go through two basic thoughts when it comes to the World Cup final. Firstly I think, please, let it not be a penalty shoot out, penalty shoot outs are dreadful and have nothing at all to do with the rest of the game, nothing to do with how good the teams are, nothing to do with football. In fact, it would be better for the game if the goals gradually got wider during extra time, making it more and more likely that one team will score. Actually, I really like that idea, I’m going to send it to Sepp Blatter. Although, if he likes it then I’m not sure I’ll think it’s a good idea anymore. Anyway, the second thought is “isn’t the world cup tiny?” It really is a most diminutive cup. I love its solid gold (apparently, it’s not really solid gold, but it is in my mind) littleness though, I think it’s great. But it’s a good job it’s not any smaller, you can take these things too far…

The mighty Michael Vaughan kisses the greatest prize in sport, represented by the silliest trophy...


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