Gamepocalypse Now Link… | July 15, 2010

Just added in a new link to the things I read links over there on the right and down a bit. Linking to Gamepocalypse Now by the seriously underfollowed (on Twitter at any rate) Jesse Schell. If you don’t know who he is you should because he’s the guy that envisions your entire existence as a series of trophies and rewards – think Air Miles and Nectar cards but everywhere! There’s little point me telling you anything more though, when you can just watch him here.

Jesse Schell ponders everyone's favourite game they never played...

Personally, I like the thought of turning everything into a game, or more importantly, I’d like to be employed turning everything into a game. Why? Because game play is the second most powerful tool we have when it comes to solving problems. You really think that Windy Millar came up with a better windmill because he wanted to be more productive. No, he wanted to be more productive than his brother, Breezy, he wanted to beat him. That is game play. Of course it can be a bad thing, you can pervert pretty much anything if you try hard enough. But in the balance of things game play is good, it’s a system that encourages people to do things better, and we need more of that.


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