Wellcome | July 26, 2010

Ever been laid up in a bed, either in hospital or at home, with a major illness or injury? Visiting hours only cover a small portion of the day in hospital and even at home friends and family are often at work, assuming there is someone who can visit. Medication, procedures and lack of routine can leave patients awake and lonely at all hours of the day. We have the technology to solve this right now.

Wellcome - stuck in bed? Stay connected...

Think iPads and an application like Twitter and you get Wellcome, a place where patients and voluntary supporters from around the world (global reach and different time zones mean there’s always a volunteer who’s awake) congregate to chat and connect. For the cost of a few iPads, a handful of system teachers in each area and a website, the mental well-being of patients could be dramatically improved, increasing both the speed of their recovery and the quality of their recovery.


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