The Complexity of Cards | September 2, 2010

About a month ago Siobhan, one of your dragon boat team, was about to leave Wellington for pastures old (her homeland of Ireland) when Claire, our team manager, suggested we make a card. Due to the fact that I vomit my Mars Rocks! cartoons across the tinerwebs I was asked if I could find the time to work on the card. Naturally, I said yes and cunningly roped in Rach, my better half, to do the job.

Right from the outset I was over-committing, as I had a deadline to hand in a presentation that week. I didn’t have to do the presentation, only prepare the slideshow, but that was a fair chunk of work, involving trawling the web for appropriate lolcat images. (Please don’t tell me lolcats are the new comedy tie.) But we had five days and Claire’s plan didn’t seem too ambitious. We soon changed that.

Myself and Rach started brainstorming and what began as a simple photo collage turned into a three layered pop up collage.

This is the front of the card. Don't be fooled, what Siobhan is actually saying here is "hated it"...

The week sailed on and I did a little bit here and there, but nothing really substantial. Luckily, Rach stepped into the breach and put her arse into top gear. With extreme gusto she began stitching together the single biggest component of the card, a montage of photos of the whole dragon boat team, who were to leap from the boat when the card was opened.

That took her about two days.

Come the Saturday and the card was still a bunch of bits, yet to be printed or assembled.

Time was running short and we ploughed on regardless, doubling down on the hours as we went, after all we were invested in the idea and although we could have gone for a simpler approach that seemed to be short changing the work we’d done so far.

Soooo, at about 9:30 on the Saturday night we were finally done!

We admired our work. It’s immodest to say so but we knew it was quite good, certainly the best card either of us had ever made. But would everyone else think so? Perhaps they’d think it was amateurish balls. A bit drained, mentally, from the concentration of construction and the trials of getting cardboard hinges to stick strong enough, we hopped in a taxi and sped to Siobhan’s house, from which we were receiving regular texts asking us where the hell we were.

The inside of the card - looking at it now I realise how little of the work I actually did...

There we presented our craftsmanship on behalf of the whole team.

I’m pleased to say that everyone both like it and said they were impressed. Naturally, me and Rach were bashful and grabbed for glasses of booze.

Someone even said we should go into card making. We laughed and lamented that our hourly rate would be rather poor.


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