MIT + Games = Scratch | September 12, 2010

For several years now I have been playing around with a piece of software called Scratch. This app is made by MIT and it makes me feel smart just using it. In an effort to bring all my files under control I have opened a new account on their website and plan to start uploading my projects, one by one, as I make sure each is in a usable state.

First up is a Donkey Derby game I made for my brother for his birthday last year. Somehow he never got to play it though, I suspect he didn’t have Java installed on his machine.

Donkey Derby games are big things where you physically throw your ball at the holes. The only time I have ever played it was with my brother in Bridlington.

I strongly suggest that all educators out there check this software out, and if you want advice on creating meaningful learning experiences with Scratch then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me – just go to the About section for my email address.


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