Postal Strike | September 19, 2010

This isn’t the post I’m meant to be posting. I have another post all ready to go, waiting in the wings, or actually the draft section. But I can’t post my post, so I am having to post this post instead.

In a nutshell, I am waiting for Revver to finish doing its thang attaching ads to a video I have slapped on there. Why I am using Revver and not the tube of you is a short story that involves misguided ambitions of a million hits, and associated wealth. As it is I appear to have made about 79 cents (US mind you, not NZ or less, HK) over the course of nearly four years. Why ambassador, you are really spoiling us.

Of course, I could post the media onto Designomicon (which, it should be noted, is the site, and not some weird name I call myself, if I was to call myself something with ‘design’ in the name then it would be Designodocus… now I wish the blog was called that) but that would cost money! Not that I realised that until I tried to do it and found out I’d have to pay to upgrade the site. I was wondering how WordPress made money.

Anyway, hopefully the next post will be the planned one. In the meantime you could always enjoy a nice game of Beggar My Neighbour.


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