Difficulty Curves Start At Their Peak | September 23, 2010

A few months ago I was reading about economics, something I studied many years ago but not to the level I wish I had. In economics you get to draw a lot of graphs that don’t use specific numbers but do describe relationships between different things.

It occurred to me that I could take the same approach to game design. I started simple and began to think about challenge over time, for different types of game. My findings were a bit of a surprise but when I took them into work and presented them to my colleague, esteemed future racer maker Andy Satterthwaite, he pointed out that there was something I had missed, which was even more surprising – the thing I had missed, not the fact that I had missed it.

Now you’ll have to go read my post on Gamasutra to find out what these surprises were because if I just write ‘flat difficulty curve’ and ‘Satterthwaite Peak’ then your enlightenment level will be zero.


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