Why Aren’t There More TV Shows… | September 27, 2010

Before you jump out of your seat and point out that, if there were anymore TV show, then that would mean we have to clone ourselves to have enough people to watch them, either that or we train dogs to be influenced by advertising, have jobs, earn money and buy crap… Sorry, I need to start a new sentence before I use up my quota of comas. I’m not suggesting we have more TV shows, or at least not more hours of them, just a show that replaces one of the ones that already exists. I love TV but I find it hard to pack it all in, and often end up half watching it, while half working on the laptop.

TV is awesome and you knows it...

What I would watch fully though, is a show about the different games that are played around the world. I am not aware of such a show and I do regard myself as an expert on the content of the goggle box, I have the square eyes to prove it. Read a fuller description of my idea here.


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