Gamasutra | October 4, 2010

It was my plan to write about avocados today (as in the fruit) but that will have to wait, as I have other news.

A couple of weeks ago I posted to my blog on Gamasutra for the first time in ages. It was on the subject of difficulty curves and challenge in games. It sounds about as dry as a moth’s wings, something I assume is pretty dry after the time I watched my cat catch and munch on a really rather sizeable example of such a flying thing. The look on the cat’s face, and the labour of the chewing, was the same as someone eating crackers sans lubricant. However, it’s a quick read, with plenty of graphs. You’ll romp through it.

Gamasutra - I read the blogs more than the features these days...

But that’s not what put the spring in my step. Nay, twas the fact that I got mentioned in the round-up of noteworthy blogs last week. I’ve been trying to get mentioned for ages, and had actually given up. Finally, I can cross it off my list of short term goals.


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