Blink and It’s The Future | November 13, 2010

This is how time works. One day you’re marveling at moving hologram on a credit card (I remember the dove appearing on Visa cards) and the next everything has totally upskilled and you’re slightly baffled by what you’re looking at on a video online and then you realise it’s not a 3D screen, it’s a hologram.

I still love the Visa dove - although I now have my own credit cards and don't have to get my dad to give me the hologram off his old ones...

Of course, this day actually spans 26 years, but really, where was the middle ground?Where were the fairy steps? I didn’t see them. Holograms that move as you walk past them, to full colour, see the subject from any angle, was never actually a real object but was born out of an Autodesk product (and a skilled 3D artist, I grant you) in the blink of an eye?

This is Michael Klug of Zebra Imaging explaining the technology that got me blathering. Although, in searching for this on the net I discovered a whole lotta crazy holographic tech...

I doubt there was no intermediate stages, but I didn’t see them. So, could this be the case with other things? Picture the scene:

Me: Dum dee dum dum. Wow, these shoes are nice and comfy, but I had nice comfy shoes back in ’84.

Someone Else: Hey look at this thing on youtube Jon, these are spider shoes. No, not like grippy things that let you walk up walls, no, they’re covered in loads of little legs that walk with you. So you know that time your foot is planted on the floor, pushing you forward? Well the spiders legs do some walking in that time, it’s like being on a travelator all the time.

Me: If they have hundreds of legs why don’t they call them centipede shoes instead?

Someone Else: Shut up Jon.


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