Brown Free | December 14, 2010

Today I am unshackled from salaried work, for I have gone freelance. And you know what that means, yes it means a brand new blog! I know it seems preposterous that I should need another one, given the long list of blogs I already have over there in the side bar to the right. But it turned out that I didn’t have a blog that was purely dedicated to my work. But now I do, and it’s called Two Tailed Tiger.


Move over Bear Grylls – National Geographic is launching a new series called ‘Tiger Vs ‘. In this shot the tiger (who’s called Roger) is about to take on a tiger shark to win back it’s name…

I was recently wondering what to call this new venture; I had no names in mind and was starting to get a little worried. Then I was listening to the audio book of Diamonds Are Forever and a ‘tiger with two tails’ was mentioned. It had all kinds of connotations that I liked too much to pass up, although I couldn’t resist moving the words around a little to make the name as short as possible, but still keep its meaning.

Apparently, the theme tune isn't actually about diamonds. Am I the only one that's dumb enough to be shocked by this?



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