Call Me Jesus! | January 14, 2011

Yes, call me Jesus! No, not because I can walk on water – although I did have a plank, just below the waterline, in my parent’s pond when I was a kid, and walking on that gave the illusion of hydro-trotting.

My bold claim refers more to the Jesusian skills with wood.

Yes, I have been doing some carpentry, although I doubt J would be too impressed with my penchant for Robertson head screws, rather than dovetail joints. Although I hope he would forgive me.


My mighty planter - featuring Turbo Le Chat for scale...


Using my moderate skills with a saw and screwdriver I have built a planter, for growing… er… plants. It took two and a half years and several friends humiliating me by building their planters first to make me get around to this job. Let’s see how long it takes to get some soil in there…


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