I Am The God Of Cat Medication | January 16, 2011

If you read my post a few days ago you will already be aware of the fact that our cat is on medication for being turbo charged. This means giving her a pill twice a day. Anyone who has ever tried to medicate a cat will tell you that it’s not the easiest thing in the world. You can grab ’em, force their mouths open and chuck the tablet to the back of the throat, forcing them to swallow or choke, but they look at you with the eyes of a creature plotting your downfall afterwards.

So I tried the old “hide the pill in the food trick”. This never really worked in the past for me, the cat always having a special talent for eating around the tablet. But this week it had been going well, despite the food coming in chunks that weren’t really big enough to hide the tablet in. Alas, just as I was feeling it was all good, the cat stopped eating her food. A somewhat unilateral zero tolerance approach on her part – you won’t be getting called up for diplomatic duties with an attitude like that, I thought.

Then I had a brain wave: You can get cat treats, called Temptations, that our cat loves – it’s like kitty crack to her. Just the smell is enough to drive her crazy. So I got one of the pills and rubbed it all over with the one of these treats. Then I crumbled the treat into my palm, where I also placed the tablet. I then held out my palm. The cat sniffed and licked the tips of my fingers – she always does that at first, possibly because she’s stupid. Eventually she found the tasty morsels in my palm and gobbled up the entire contents, including the tablet!

This has worked three times now and I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. Life’s all about the small victories.

I expect dog owners are lacking empathy with this post; my experience of dogs is that they’ll eat anything, you could just put the pill in any old crap, literally, and it would be down in seconds. That said, I do know of a cat that ate a shoe lace – the shoe lace went missing one night and the next morning something was noticed hanging out from beneath the cat’s tail. The owner grabbed the lace, the cat ran, and the extraction was quick and cleansing. I don’t think the lace was re-united with its shoe though.


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