Disney Sparkle | January 17, 2011

I was drifting along recently, as you do, on a river of my own reverie, plotting my future. Somewhere along the line I stumbled onto thoughts about my own company, and how big I would like it to be, and why the river metaphor had fallen prey to a drought so soon. My initial reaction was to keep this fantasy company small, with as high a profit margin per person as possible. This is the game developer in me talking – I’ve watched several games companies struggle with expansion over the years, and it rarely turns out pretty.

Then I scoffed (martial arts movie style, casting my illusionary beard to one side and overacting for all my worth) at myself and my puny ambitions. Did Walt Disney think like this? No he did not, he grabbed the animation bull by the horns and built an empire on the back of a mouse and some dwarfs. Granted, you can’t get away with such abuse of animals or people anymore, at least not openly, but I  figured modern practices would have only slowed the man down, not stopped him.

I’m not really comparing myself to Walt here, if only for the fact that I know precious little about and the man, other than he had a moustache, whereas I have sideburns, and his head is in a freezer somewhere, which only happens to me when I’m defrosting it. But I should take a leaf out of his big book of ambition, because if ideas are worth anything in this world, and everyone says they are just before they shoot them down, then I should be worth something.

Steeled for my new, bigger, future I took one last minute to ponder the name Disney. It’s a name full of sparkle, full of magic, full of fairy dust. Brown suggests… other things. But perhaps Disney only has the magic because of the ideas, and Brown too could glisten like diamonds…


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