15,000 People Read About Rocks! | January 27, 2011

I know this to be true because I have my Mars Rocks! blog open in another tab and I’m looking at the site views stat. All right, so it’s open in another tab and I had to look at the stat, then switch back to this tab to type this, I couldn’t look at them both at exactly the same time. I just thought I’d get that out there in case I get flamed by an elite, clandestine cult of pedants. You can never be too careful.

Click the image to be transported to a world of orange hues...

Yes, Mars Rocks! the humble witterings of two Martians seems to be doing rather well since its inception last May (2010). Interestingly, about a third of these views have taken place in the past month. Why’s that? Could it be that Christmas leaves folk eager for new cartoon content? No. Perhaps everyone made a resolution on New Year’s Day to read more Mars Rocks!? Doubtful.

I suspect the real reason is that I have been posting new cartoons on a nearly daily basis. Yep, many years ago, when Roy Castle would blow his horn and tell me that dedication was what I needed, I knew he was right… it just took 25 years to put it into practice.


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