It’s Got To Be Live! | March 13, 2011

Last week I found myself feeling enormously grumpy that I missed the space shuttle Discovery landing for the last time. I watched Atlantis touch down last year after what was meant to be her final flight (she actually got scheduled in for one more) and after that I planned to complete the set. But returning to New Zealand on Wednesday I entirely forgot about the imminent return of Discovery until a few  hours after it actually happened, at which point I watched it on the internet.

Discovery has its wings clipped...

But I really wanted to watch it live!

I’m kind of getting over the irritation of this event now, even though Discovery was named after one of James Cook’s ships and was, by all accounts, the most accomplished of the shuttle fleet. What actually helped me begin the healing process though was the realisation that being able to watch events like this live is really quite a staggering thing. When I was a kid we watched very few events like this live, we had to wait for the news to come on, then we’d have to watch all the boring bits and then we’d get a little sliver of the event we cared about.

So, I’m pretending that I was back in the 80’s last week and I couldn’t watch what I liked, when I liked. I even put a sweat band on for good measure.


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