It’s Time For… | March 17, 2011


Yes, here in New Zealand the mighty feijoa crop is upon us. The the feijoa is, without question, the only new fruit I have added to my regular repertoire of er… fruit, for over a decade.

I didn’t even know the fruit even existed when I first came to New Zealand, and I remained blind to it for over a year after that. Then, one day at work, amongst the bounty of fruit bought for us to prevent scurvy, I spied a shape I had not seen before. I took this funny looking fruit and returned to my desk.

Later I was quizzed, by one Ian Gillespie, about my penchant for this “feijoa”. I declared my ignorance about the fruit and was soon told and shown the proper spoon-based eating practices by Andy, whose office I squatted in the corner of.

Ever since I have looked forward to the all too short feijoa season. Although, that first season did come to an untimely end, when the aforementioned Ian Gillespie took up one of the pens on my desk and rammed it into the heart of my last feijoa.

Luckily I wasn’t there to witness the brutality, one day Gillespie, I will get my revenge… unless I already have, in which case can you remind me what I did?


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