Pop Review: Golden Circle Creaming Soda | March 18, 2011

Today it was chips for lunch – chips of the hot variety, fat fries, you know the thing. And when you have chips you have to have pop. Scanning the shop shelves I chose a can of cream soda, actually ‘creaming soda’ to be accurate to the name on the can.


Today's pop for review...


When I was a kid we had a pop van (a flat bed truck, covered in crates full of bottles of fizzy nectar) that would cruise by the house dispensing tooth decay and glee once a week. Sometimes we would get a bottle of cream soda, and it would be green. Amazingly green, like carbonated lime cordial, with the taste of cream soda – so nothing like lime cordial apart from the green hue.

Ever since those halcyon days I’ve been buying cans of cream soda, always with the hope that, when I cracked the ring pull and poured out the sparkling goodness inside, it would be beautiful, lurid, jade green. Emerald pop with a creamy taste.

Today’s can almost delivered that dream. For sure, the contents certainly didn’t pour out transparent, as they usually do. But nor were they exactly green either. A kind of off-green they were, more an amber. Not unlike wee.


Almost green cream soda...




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  1. Top choice – one of my favorites tbh. Can you recommend a Cream Soda that’s even better and available here? :D? If so, part of your answer must be the location of a retailer for said beverage.

    Comment by Alan — March 18, 2011 @ 9:19 pm

    • That’s a tough one – I’ll have to do some more research to decide upon the best choice. New World on Oriental Parade does sell Ben Shaw’s cream soda, imported all the way from the other side of the planet, and it’s pretty good, although it does fall down on the eco-sense/value-for-money front.

      Comment by jonbrown1975 — March 20, 2011 @ 7:33 pm

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