Ten Minute Gardening | March 22, 2011

Since buying my super powered secateurs last week I have been attempting to do more gardening. Some of this has just been cutting things back, so that I can walk down the path without being assaulted by branches, like a very, very mild version of Evil Dead, but some has been more like proper gardening.


A bounty of lemons - orange, feijoas and lime just hanging out...


To help motivate me I have come up with a system that I call Ten Minute Gardening. The idea being that I commit to a mere ten minutes of gardening per day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s rare that it’s only ten minutes that I’m outside blundering about like a brown fingered noggin, but I only commit to ten minutes, and let the rest of it just flow.

So far I have cleared the lemon tree of the creeper that was trying to throttle it, harvested a fair old bounty of lemons, reinforced the planter that I built (and still haven’t planted anything in) and discovered that my potatoes are smaller than my little finger nail.

I also cut branches off the tree next to the bay tree and hung them up to dry because I thought they were branches off the bay tree and wanted to harvest the leaves, but then threw the branches away because they weren’t branches, or leaves, off the bay tree. But I don’t talk about that.


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