Poor At Feline Pill Popping | March 23, 2011

A couple of months ago I wrote a post declaring that I had become an expert of giving my turbo charged cat its thyroid treatment pills – I was the king of cat medication.

Sadly, I must give up my crown, because I seem to have lost the knack.

I’ve even tried new methods, like coating the pill in peanut butter, which the cat loves, but after some initial success she’s gotten wise, and now just uses her burred tongue to denude the pill of its coating without actually consuming it.

The other day I became so desperate that I tried to warn the cat of the consequences of not taking her medication, like the fact that we’ll have to go to the vet again, who will almost certainly take her temperature once more, and the thermometer won’t be stuck in her mouth, no siree!

But the cat just gave me that ‘I don’t speak English’ stare.



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