Pop Review: A&W Cream Soda | March 24, 2011

Given that cream soda is meant to taste of vanilla it was surprising to see this can advertise the fact. Was it for the benefit of neophyte pop purveyors or was it an intimation as to the sheer vanillayness of the stuff? Only one way to find out.

A&W Cream Soda - Note the explicit mention of vanilla...

As my last cream soda experience had a crazy colour to it, I expected this one to be the usual, disappointing, pedestrian clear, just on the basis of experience. Instead I found it to have the browness of ginger beer, which is just weird.

It looked more brown in the flesh, like Lipton Ice Tea...

But the colour is unimportant because, upon tasting, I discovered just how creamy a cream soda can be. Amazingly creamy, like fizzy velvet. If you gave your cat a sip of it then it would be robbing your wallet on a daily basis to buy the stuff. You have to send it to rehab, and even then there’d be a 99% chance of relapse.

This is, without question, the best cream soda that I have every tasted.


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