Pop Review: Royalty Taste Of Distinction Ginger Beer | April 30, 2011

Pop is not noted for its topicality. It’s often appropriate – when eating chips, when mixing with booze, when at the beach. Yes, often appropriate, rarely, if ever, topical. But today I witnessed a new age dawning over the Kingdom Of Poptopia. Today, with great fanfare and stirrings of pride, I bring to thee Royalty Taste Of Distinction Ginger Beer!

That's something of a mouthful - the title, not the drink, which comes in the usual variable serving style of liquids...

Made in the abroad lands of the Queen of Anglaise this pop was clearly left behind by Wills when he was over here just a few short weeks of freedom, and having to cook his own tea, ago.

So, is this a ginger beer fit for a king, or a crowned prince who knows he’s going to be king but only after some extreme misery: Imagine having a job lined up that you can’t have until some of your closest relatives have popped their clogs. Rubbish.

Where was I, ah yes, the drink. Well, it was all right, nothing special and a bit weak really. Certainly in a market as rich in quality, deep flavoured, tangy ginger beers I wouldn’t bother with this one again.

I hope they didn’t serve it at the royal wedding reception do.


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