Kaka | May 13, 2011

A couple of years ago I was walking into Wellington’s fair town at dusk. I was on my way to purchase pizza from a place called Pomodoro. Overhead I heard a screech, and when I looked up I saw a silhouette against the faint lit sky, of what I thought was two parrots. Why not, just over the hill from my house is Karori sanctuary, I’d been there and they had Kakas, a native NZ parrot. And birds fly, that’s what they do, so popping over a hill wouldn’t be too much trouble for them.

In some quarters the verdict that was returned could politely be described as poppycock.

A parrot with another parrot growing out of its head...

Time marched on. Then we started to notice them feeding at some of the other houses in our immediate vicinity. After weeks of hope and luring we finally got a visit, which was lucky because we had a load of pears we’d gotten in a fruit and veg box, and we were doing a bad job of eating them. Since then the parrots have been around and about quite a lot, but their visits to our place specifically are sporadic at best. Then last week my better half fed some parrot visitors some almonds. That certainly brought them back the next day, whereupon I took far too many pictures.

Oh yeah, one thing about Kakas – they never turn up when the light’s good, at least not at our place.


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