Top Comedy! | May 27, 2011

New Zealand’s comedy festival is pretty good. Many great comedians from around the world take the opportunity to take a paid holiday to one of the globe’s more remote locations.

Actually, that’s not always true, some of them live here, in this very country. Not that anyone who has seen Flight Of The Conchords will be surprised by this.

Presenting Guy Capper - My newest friend!

One such comedian is Guy Capper, a man who came on stage a couple of weeks ago and was brilliant. He spent a little time trying to lose the audience as much as possible then talked to animated space pets (which he himself animated), then tried to lose the audience some more, then space petted it up some more. This cycle continued for an hour and I left a happy man.

I was so happy that I decided to try to send a message to Mr Capper, telling him how great I thought he was. For some unknown reason I chose to do this in a message attached to a friend request on Facebook. I didn’t expect to have the request accepted, even by a man with 800 friends. But he did accept it!

Social media is a wonderful thang.


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