The Antiques Roadshow Drinking Game | June 29, 2011

Drinking games are generally thought of as a slightly raucous and bawdy affair, a one way ticket to drunksville that isn’t really civilised. I therefore propose a slightly higher class of drinking game: The Antiques Roadshow Drinking Game!

Before you start you’ll have to equip yourself with your favourite tipple. Reach not for the Carling or Lambrini, reach beyond that and find something of quality. A good bottle of wine, a fine whisky, perhaps a good sherry, if there is such a thing.

Whatever you choose though, the rules are devastatingly simple. They are:

1. Every time a member of the public says ‘yes’ in response to expert’s ongoing information (not in response to a direct question) you must take a sip of your tipple. If you’re drinking a fine spirit then you might want to take a sip every fifth ‘yes’ (easy to count on the hand, even under adverse conditions), but reserve and moderation are your business.

2. Whenever a member of the public says ‘really’ in response to the price of an object you must finish your glass. Conservative drinkers are advised to keep their glass just barely charged to reduce the impact of this event. Those seizing upon this game as a splendid excuse will err on the side of a full flagon.

It’s that simple. So get the drinks in hand, the cheese and biscuits ready and settle down of a Sunday evening for the Antiques Roadshow Drinking Game.

Tchin tchin!




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