Frozen Chicken | July 16, 2011

I’m not unaccustomed to cold water. I don’t like it, but I know it well enough. I’ve jumped in lakes and felt like my heart was going to stop, I’ve waded waist deep through rivers (well, one) in the middle of winter, I’ve gone from a natural thermal pool into a frigid plunge pool and I’ve been in the sea on England’s north east coast.

Yet, despite these nithering (adjective: damned cold) conditions of yore, I do declare that my nether regions have never been quite so cold as they were today.

What was the cause of this frozen cods condition? Once more I was wearing a chicken suit and trying to get folk to switch to free range eggs.

Next up in the chicken suit? Who knows, I’ve hobbled 10k in it, probably hamstrung my chances of procreation in it, I guess I should jump out of a plane in it next.



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