Cash From Catastrophe | August 9, 2011

When you’re trying to be an eco friendly company the last thing you want to see is a scrap heap of rejected product, much less your product. But that’s what Wishbone Design faced, when they found out that 1-in-4 of their bike frames that were being stamped out at the factory were on the seam of the plywood sheets.

Wishbone Design's amazing transforming bike...

Structurally and finish-wise there was nothing wrong with these pieces, but they didn’t have the perfect appearance that was desired, so the factory was stacking them up, ready for burning.

To find a solution Wishbone set themselves a challenge to find a way to make more money from these rejects than from their regular stock. With the correct challenge in place they found a solution in minutes: Each year they commission an artist to design a paint job for the rejects. They then sell these redecorated bikes as limited editions.

Victory, from the jaws of defeat. Brilliant.

Money, from the clutches of waste. Even better.



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