Snow Joke | August 17, 2011

Wellington does not have a very broad temperature range. Just one look at the flora and an expert (not me) will tell you that it’s not a town where frosts are a problem. At the other end of the scale the heat is never crazy – although the sun will burn unprotected skin as if you were a vampire. Rain falls in fairly plentiful dollops, sun shines brightly at random times of the year, wind is plentiful and thunder storms are rare. Even rarer is snow, and even when it does flutter down, it doesn’t settle, such is the ground temperature. But on Sunday it did, and even more surprisingly it came again on Monday and Tuesday.


Living where I do I should be thankful that snow isn’t very common because, to get to my house, you have to take a road that can be fairly described as a little bit precipitous. Although, if you did drive off the edge, chances are that your potentially terminal rolling and bouncing would be broken by an unsuspecting house. Although, should the occupants of the house survive your intrusion, they might beat you up for wrecking their home.

On Monday night, the narrow, long and winding road that leads to my door was coated with a thick slush. I was nearly at the top, when… a RAV4 was parked across the road, squarely across the road, like something out of an Austin Powers movie. Someone approached my car and I ventured into the blizzard to find out what was going on.

As far as I can recall, one car coming up the road had met one going down the road, parked cars making the road a single track. These cars had hit each other but the RAV4, behind the car coming down, had braked and swerved right, towards the edge of the road, towards the void. The front right wheel had left the road, and dropped into the well caused by steps down to someone’s house; pitching the back left wheel into the air. This being a toy 4×4, not a proper off-road vehicle, I doubt it had the necessary diff-lock options that would have made it possible to reverse it out of this dog-cocking-a-leg-for-a-piss position.

The occupants were safe, although they may die of the irony of being in an SUV and ending up like that. One should also pity the poor owner of the scooter that was parked at the top of the steps that the RAV4 encroached upon, and was hit squarely by it – seriously, what are the chances?

There was no chance of moving the RAV 4 in those conditions, especially considering there was no way to get a tow truck above the vehicle. So I parked up as best I could (traction was not in my favour) and trudged the short distance home.

Knowing the conditions, the width of the road and how much trouble I’d had getting the car into that parking space, I had a feeling my car wouldn’t be safe. And guess what, I was right. But was it just a scratch? No. It was a scratch down both the front and rear door and a gouging into the back left wing. The gouge, which is above the wheel arch, is so deep and open that you could use it to store things in. The cars around mine showed the same damage.

If you're going to add a pocket to a car, then do it to your own bloody car!

Whoever did it, knows they did it, and knows they did it to several vehicles.

Wish me luck in finding the bastards.



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