Power Point Pipe

October 23, 2011
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A few weeks ago I was at a birthday party and found myself expressing the opinion that,  if I were to smoke tobacco, I should choose the pipe option. Part of my reasoning being that it’s a damned useful prop.
As I explained at the party, with the power of mime because I had no pipe at hand, you can use a pipe to emphasise all kinds of serious point making.
Later I thought “why not combine a pipe with one of those remote control things you use when doing presentations”. For those unfamiliar with these presentation things, they’re a remote control that lets you advance through the slides in the presentation. Most importantly, they also contain a laser, for pointing at pertinent points on the slide.
I call this invention the Power Point Pipe, and I want one.

The Power Point Pipe - please make one for me...

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Brave, After The Event

October 17, 2011
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I like Graham Henry, I think he’s a good coach, I like the way he makes the All Blacks play. I like the fact that, after the 2007 Rugby World Cup he didn’t just run away, he thought “this is a bloody stupid Hara-kiri system” and reapplied for the All Blacks coaching job. (Good work from NZRU for keeping him too). I’m of the belief that most players and coaches have to go through a world cup fail before they can have a world cup win.

Graham Henry - well known for his sunny disposition...

Last night the All Blacks were excellent, they used all their skill, physicality and experience to suppress the Wallabies to such a degree I’ll spend the rest of my life unable to quite believe it. Their speed, power and commitment must mean that they’re suffering – you can’t dish it out tackles like that without beating yourself up into the bargain. If it weren’t for the fact that the French must also have ruptured themselves, smashing into the formidable Welsh on Saturday, I might suggest that it will be an interesting final.

However, Mr Henry has gone waaaaay down in my estimations.

His comments about Quade Cooper in the after game press conference were arrogant, cowardly and pretty much unjustified. Cooper is a cocky little shit and his ongoing on-field conflict with McCaw is ill advised, if only for the fact that McCaw can probably hit harder and apparently excretes a pheromone that stops referees from punishing him for his misdemeanours, but he’s no worse than anyone else, he just looks like a trouble maker.

Rugby union is a game with many rules and some very complicated grey areas. It is a game where the most successful teams are constantly exploring the limits of what is currently regarded as an infringement, and what the officials will turn a blind eye to. Golden boy McCaw himself spent whole games offside in the ruck last year.

There’s also an enormous amount of sly, extra 10% violence taking place on the field. Why? Why wouldn’t you? Niggle the opposition and they get frustrated, when they get frustrated they give away penalties. But no one cries about it, it’s rugby union after all, it’s full contact, it’s meant to hurt, that’s why people enjoy playing it.

To suggest that Cooper is somehow a special case, who needs to give back by sucking up a whole lotta hate, is a line of thought that a world class coach should not express after the game is won. Goading a player after the win is the action of a coward and it should be beneath the coach of the host nation.

Graham Henry, consider your own advice: “You have to earn respect; you can’t just expect respect.”



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So Long Steve Jobs

October 7, 2011
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On the odd occasion I have been known to mock Steve Jobs in my Mars Rocks! cartoons. In fact, just yesterday I was having a dig at Apple in general, a dig which had it’s seed in a Steve Jobs’ comment from last year.

The original Mac, one of the cutest computers ever made...

But I do have a great admiration for Steve Jobs as a rare type of person – a businessman with vision. Steve Wozniak might have been the technical genius, Xerox might have actually done the R&D on graphical interfaces and Jonathan Ive made sure we desired these things, but it was Jobs that got the damned things on the market.

I don’t personally think the world is particularly short on smart people creating, or at least trying to create, impressive things. However, the world has a dire paucity of people who have the talent and intuition to encourage, cajole and help the creative types. While he was still alive there weren’t enough Steve Jobs’ in the world, now the deficit is a lot worse.

It’s going the be very hard to replace the crowning glory of the breed.

To all those that actually knew and loved Steve Jobs in person, my thoughts go out to you, especially his family.



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