Christmas Tree-Tastic | November 24, 2011

It’s been Christmas Tree-Tastic in New Zealand this week.

On Sunday I was down in the windswept expanse of grass that is Waitangi Park for Wellington’s first ever Evolving Consciousness Festival. There was free music and serious wind, which made it more of a gazebo holding down festival for the stall holders.
In the same park a crew was erecting Wellington’s Christmas tree. This tree consists of a central metal lattice column and a hoop around the base. Strings of lights are then strung between the top of the column and points around the hoop. The column was up, the hoop was in place, I’d have thought that stringing the lights would have been quick work. 
Wrong. I was there, off and on, for six hours, and the light stringing crew was there before me, and left after me. Given that this tree has to be stored somewhere, I guess the fairy light problems are the same as we all have – first the effort of separating one string from another and getting the knots out, then the joy of finding and replacing all the duff bulbs. And stringing the tree isn’t easy, especially when each set of lights has to be winched to the top of a pylon.
Then, yesterday, what I believe to be a similar tree, was being erected in Auckland. As is typical of New Zealand’s largest city, they felt compelled to go one step further and show off. Putting up a tree without any fuss wasn’t showy enough for them, no, they had to go and have a spectacular helicopter crash too.
In all seriousness though, it’s lucky that nobody was hurt badly. 
How did it happen? Well, first watch this footage.
If you have eagle eyes then you’ll have figured out the problem. But that’s still no reason not to watch this angle, which is just as insane and more revealing.

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