Cat-Gon Jinn | March 24, 2012

I was reclining on the couch watching something on TV that I have completely forgotten. So I was wasting my time. My little netbook was closed and on the coffee table, within arm’s reach. When I put it there, it didn’t seem to matter that it was on a slippery plastic folder.

While I was slackjawing before the goggle box the cat appeared. Up she hopped onto the coffee table and then sat upon the netbook, as cats do.


Qui-Gon, was it his plan to be stabbed in the stomach? Slacker...

The cat sat there looking at me. I looked at the cat. I probably said ‘hello’.

Then the cat leapt for my lap. Launching herself mostly horizontally, a horrible demonstration of action-reaction unfolded before my eyes. As the cat went one way the netbook slipped on its low friction surface, flying off the table the other way.

Purely on instinct my left hand shot out and grabbed the netbook just as it cleared the edge of the table. At the same moment the cat landed on my lap. Then my body caught up with adrenaline and whatnot and my heart started beating again.

I was like Qui-Gon Jinn when he catches the whatever it is that falls off the table in Episode I.

Considering the reckless way I fence, there’s a chance I’ll go out the same way as Qui-Gon too. 


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