We Are The Champions! | August 23, 2012

The Olympics came, we saw, and it conquered!

Everyone thought the opening ceremony was excellent. The games themselves were superb in every respect. The closing ceremony was a little bit on the patchy side, and after the holographic Tupac at Coachella, the video screens with Freddie Mercury on weren’t what I hoped for (but then I did hope for a 90 foot animatronic Freddie holding Roger Taylor and Brian May in one hand during a performance of We Are The Champions and then eating them at the end of the set) but it went out with a bang, thanks to The Who, who were utterly perfect.

Given my love of the Olympics, it’s weird that I didn’t say anything about them here. However, I was pretty active on other blogs.

The Mars Rocks! are great fans of all big events, except for the ones they don’t like, and they enjoyed the Olympics to the exclusion of everything else, even invasion of their planet.

On a professional level, I was intrigued by the rules used to make fencing better in the face of humans that will do all they can to win, regardless of whether they make their sport look bad.

I also endeavoured to bring the Olympic spirit into the home, but in a less sweaty, space consuming way, with a series of Games Made Form Everyday Things.

I’m now counting the days to the Winter Olympics, which I love even more than the Summer Olympics.


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