Print your kids picture… In 3D! | March 14, 2013

Ever thought how great it would be to turn a kid’s picture into a 3D object? You have? Well you’re smarter than me, because it’s never occurred to me how utterly brilliant it would be to be able to do that.

Yet you’re one step behind  Bernat Cuni, and his company Crayon Creatures, which actually offers this service!

Crayon Creatures

I wonder what doodle I can transform into reality…

Yes, take one of your children’s pictures and instead of sticking it to the fridge (where did folk stick pictures before fridges were invented?) send it along to these guys. What you get back is a 3D printed “sandstone” ornament back.

They only started the company at the start of the year, so if you get one now you’ll be absolutely on the cutting edge of proud parentdom.



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