Of Space and Muppets

August 26, 2012

When I first stumbled across The Muppet Show the part I liked best, and missed most when it wasn’t featured in an episode, was Pigs In Space. I was born with the “I want to be an astronaut gene” and was happy to suck up anything space related, like a little black hole with a discriminating streak. And what could be better than the anarchic fun of the Muppets, plus space! Bliss.

Space plus Muppets = Perfection…

This week has also seen a fusion of the two subjects, but this time on a sad note.

Earlier in the week Jerry Nelson, who played Dr Julius Strangepork in Pigs In Space, passed away. Nelson performed a wide variety of other Muppets, but the one most will remember was Count Von Count. Through his work on Sesame Street he leaves behind a legacy of that most special of things, teaching that doesn’t feel like learning. There is no greater gift that a person can bestow upon society.

Now Neil Armstrong, a man almost too humble to take his place in history, has left us. He’ll obviously be remembered forever as the first man on the moon, but his legacy is not as some showman who chose to market himself on an accolade he knew took the support of thousands of others to achieve. His greatest gift was that he put the Eagle down safe and sound, and through his actions he inspired a vast army kids to take up science and engineering as careers.

Thank you gentlemen, you helped change everything.

5-ah ah ah-4-ah ah ah-3-ah ah ah-2-ah ah ah-1-ah ah ah-Bon Voyage.


Mars Rocks! – Draining…

February 10, 2012
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